Good morning, owners of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III Epic 4G Touch. When you get your breath back, check your device's update function in the settings menu. Sprint's got a maintenance update, assuming that you're running the latest stock and non-rooted version of Ice Cream Sandwich. Software version S:D710.10S.FI27 adds only a few bug fixes to the email, MMS, and VPN apps, so don't get your hopes up for Jelly Bean any time soon.

samsung gsiie4gt update

ZTE Fury owners, you get to join the somewhat reserved party as well. The software update (N850V1.0.0B14) for the budget device boosts the volume for the speakerphone, adds a few network options, and purportedly boosts battery life.

zte fury update

Rollouts will be in stages, so it might be a day or two before the new software gets to your hardware. Enjoy!

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