Back in April, we reported that SEGA released Football Manager Handheld 2012, a game that allows you to simulate what it would be like to run a soccer football team. Of course, I honestly couldn't tell you five differences between futbol and handegg, so I may not be the best judge of how fun these games are. Then again, I used to play a game where I pretended to be the owner of a large hotel. To each his own.

The game offers pretty in-depth control over your team, including the ability to set and change line-ups, expand your home stadium, and even go scouting for new talent. Players can also join in with their friends in the same league online. As with all good sims, this one comes with a high level of immersion and realistic options, like hiring a spy to find out what opposing teams are doing. That happens in soccer, right? I would assume so.

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The game is free to play on the Play Store right now. Given that the last game like this we covered was $10, it's not a bad deal. Grab it via the widget below.