You can't deny that Angry Birds is the biggest franchise going in mobile gaming, racking up hundreds of millions of downloads across its various platforms. It was only a matter of time before developer Rovio's licensing ambitions took it beyond some logical tie-ins (like Dreamworks' 2011 kid flick Rio). On November 8th, the aggravated avians will be going where pretty much every single major franchise has gone before: to the Star Wars universe.

Details on the gameplay itself are pretty scarce, aside from the Lucasfilm tie-in and releases for Android, iOS and PC. Presumably it'll be similar to Angry Birds Space, with its zero-gravity physics puzzles and astronomical settings. But Rovio is already planning a litany of tie-in products, including plush toys, Jenga, and Halloween costumes spotted by Idle Hands. Dear Lord, the costumes:


Hey, it could be worse. They could be using the prequels. This is clearly only the beginning of the Angry Birds licensing galaxy - if you've got good ideas for the next tie-in game, let us know in the comments. Demobirds versus Republipigs? Agatha Christie's Murder By Slingshot? Angry Bieber?

Angry Birds Star Wars