Just a month after releasing its new 'durable and splash-proof' Xperia Tablet S, Sony has found that some units have gaps between the screen and the aluminum case, making them particularly vulnerable to water damage.

The issue has been caused by a manufacturing flaw at the Chinese plant where the tablet is produced, and as a result, Sony has chosen to temporarily stop selling the device until the problem can be resolved.

Although the Japanese company is trailing behind competitors, such as Samsung, in the tablet market, 100,000 units of the Xperia Tablet S have already been sold across Japan, Europe, and the United States. Any device which is affected by the flaw will be fixed, so if you're one of those customers, keep an eye out for a recall in the near future.

As of yet, no date has been set for the continuation of sales, but as soon as the manufacturing issues have been ironed out, Sony will no doubt want to bring the tablet back to market as soon as possible.

Source: Reuters