The Samsung Galaxy Note II, which started to ship in international markets during the past week, has just received its first firmware update, enabling multi-view mode to take advantage of the phone's huge 5.5-inch display.

The new firmware will allow users to view two windows at once, without constantly switching from one app to another. If, for example, you were watching a movie and you received a text message, you'd normally have to leave the movie app to open the messaging app. Now, if you have both apps open side by side, you can do both at once without being interrupted.

screenshot_2012-10-05-11-31-40 screenshot_2012-10-05-11-31-48 screenshot_2012-10-05-11-32-40

This latest update brings French and British models of the phone in line with the Korean version, which shipped with the multi-view feature on launch. Users who are in the UK or France can download the new firmware now, either OTA or by using KIES.

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