PantechUSA announced via Twitter this morning that its Burst budget phone will finally be receiving an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, in a little less than a week. Curiously, it won't be available over the air. Details haven't been released yet, but the update will be made available on the company's website here.

We should hear more about how the download will be doled out as the date gets closer and, hopefully, some more information on what the update will bring. While ICS is a given, as with most manufacturers Pantech added its own tweaks that Brandon didn't care much for when he reviewed this device. Maybe we'll see some of that cleaned up? One can only hope.

If Pantech follows its previous pattern with updates, you'll likely be able to find upgrade instructions here once they're ready.

Update: It looks like the upgrade has been delayed, for some undisclosed amount of time. We'll be sure to let you know when the update happens for real.

Update 2: Better late than never, right? The ICS update is now available for the Pantech Burst on the company's website here.

Source: Twitter