What if I told you that you could carry an 80" Android device around in your pocket? What do you think you would say to me? Perhaps you'd say, "Clearly you are talking about a pico projector device and I'm not falling for your shenanigans." Dang, you're really good at this game. What you probably didn't expect, though, is that the Lightplay by PhoneSuit, as it is called, also features a motion controller with a built-in keyboard, a tripod and access to the entire Google Play Store. Not too bad for $500.

The specs on this device are middling, to say the least. A 1GHz ARM Cortex with NEON co-processor powers the device, and outputs in a native resolution of 1024x600. Being a pico projector, of course, it's not a very bright device. At 50 lumens, it's pretty good for the category—for comparison, the Galaxy Beam only has a 15 lumen bulb, and the world's brightest is only 80 as of early 2012—but it's still going to have a hard time competing with your lamp or sunlight coming through the window. Oh yeah, and it runs Gingerbread. Ugh.

Here are the rest of the specs:

Projector Technology: LCoS, RGB LED

Light Source: RGB LED (up to 30,000 hours lifetime)

Brightness: 50 Lumens

Screen Size: Up to 80 inches diagonal

Native Video Resolution:  1024x600 (supports HD 1080p, 720p content)

Integrated WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n

Processor:  1 Ghz ARM Cortex with NEON co-processor

Memory: 8 GB Internal flash (Expandable)

Controller: Wireless keyboard & motion controller with 3 axis gyroscope.

Operating System: Android 2.3 Gingerbread (Future upgrades available)

Input ports: HDMI input, AV input, 2 USB ports

Built-in Speaker

Weight: 230 grams

Dimensions: 125 x 73 x 35mm

2012-10-03_16h59_04 2012-10-03_16h59_21

Still, color us intrigued. While the Galaxy Beam failed to impress at MWC, this is specifically designed to be a projector, whereas the Beam merely had one as a bonus feature. It also doesn't hurt that, despite running Gingerbread, demo photos still show a custom UI that one would hope will make using this thing easier. As a former Wii owner, I'm not entirely excited about the idea of controlling a giant screen interface with a motion controller, but I'm willing to keep an open mind.

If you're already in love with the idea, you can plunk down $500 for the LightPlay now. Orders will begin shipping out November 1st. Of course, if you'd like to wait, we'll be reviewing this as it gets closer to release, so stay tuned!

Source: PhoneSuit