Remember the Philips Fidelio AS851 we reviewed last year? Well, it's smaller counterpart, the AS351 is once again on sale, this time for the crazy-low price of $24.99 from CowBoom. For reference, the AS351's list price is $129.99, and Amazon's price is $81.57, a little over $56 more expensive than CowBoom's offer.

While, unlike the AS851, this dock doesn't offer a remote control, this little speaker is Bluetooth capable and only a little less powerful than its more expensive counterpart, and at $24.99 is a complete steal. Something else to note about this speaker dock is that it can be powered by AA batteries, making it easy to take the sound outside.


If you've been looking for a super-affordable Bluetooth speaker/dock for your Android device, now's your chance to get a great deal. The discount only lasts one day, so follow the link below to take advantage of the deal while you can.