The last time we heard from Lockitron the company was trying to sell a $300 smart deadbolt lock that you could open with NFC. This time Lockitron is taking a different, less expensive approach. The new device is mounted on top of your existing deadbolt, allowing you to control it without buying and installing a whole new lock. The product isn't quite ready to ship, but the company has a handy video demo ready to go.

The box is fairly easy to install on your door, and it runs on AA batteries that last for about a year. Inside are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules that are used to manage the lock remotely. Using the Lockitron app (or SMS messages), you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere. You can even grant access to other people to manage your door from their own phones. This would be useful if you're out of town and have someone housesitting, for example.

lockitron-unit android-app

Using Bluetooth 4.0, Lockitron can even automatically unlock when you approach the door. If you misplace your phone, you can also change the password on your Lockitron account. The device has a number of other tricks, like push messages when your door is unlocked, when someone knocks, or when the batteries are low. It uses an Arduino controller, so the more industrious among you can invent more ways to unlock doors.

The device is currently available for pre-sale, but it costs $149 and doesn't ship until March. The company won't charge you until your Lockitron ships, though. The website claims over 1300 Lockitrons have been ordered, so you might want to get on this if you're interested.