Since Nova Prime made its way into the final day of Google's 25 Billion promo, we thought this might be a good time to share a lesser known feature of the custom launcher. Much like many Google apps/services, Nova has a "labs" menu that makes available some useful tweaks which aren't quite ready for prime time (get it?).

Within this hidden menu, you'll find things like the ability to increase the maximum grid size (from 7x7 to 16x16), toggles to add any size widget to the dock, force 180 degree orientation, UI Lock, and a couple of widget restore and resize options.

Screenshot_2012-10-01-10-50-21 Screenshot_2012-10-01-11-05-49 Screenshot_2012-10-01-11-06-19

So, how do you access this super-secret area? It's really simple, actually - while in Nova's settings menu, hold volume down for 2-3 seconds. You'll see a toast notification letting you know that Labs was successfully enabled. Similarly, if you wish to disable the new menu for any reason, just hold volume up for 2-3 seconds.

If you've been considering a switch to Nova from another custom launcher but though it lacked features in comparison, this may be the answer to that quandary. Give it a shot, and let us know what you think.

Thanks, vgergo!