It's been 25 years since Jaws: The Revenge hit theaters. The movie is unbelievably terrible (if you don't believe me, just ask Rotten Tomatoes, where it's got a rare 0% rating), but surprisingly, a licensed game released two and a half decades later is actually pretty fun. In Jaws Revenge, you take on the role of the titular shark to merrily swim the coastal waters, eating swimmers, divers, fish, seagulls and whatever else you can find. It's a free download, complete with the iconic da-da da-da soundtrack, available now from the Google Play Store.

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The gameplay is a lot like Jetpack Joyride in reverse: just tap the screen to dive, release it to rise, and chomp down on anything and everything in your way. Diving low and releasing will cause Jaws to leap out of the water, where he can snag birds or lunge forward with a second tap. You'll have to avoid the periodic obstacle, and "collect" a number of swimmers or other objects before reaching buoys to earn extra points and upgrades. The graphics are surprisingly good (at least on my Nexus 7) and there's enough blood in the water to make it feel like an authentic piece of Jaws lore.

Of course, since it's a free game, you won't be able to avoid the in-app purchases lurking just below the surface. At least Jaws Revenge uses the Play Store's built-in system, and you can get some bonuses by watching an ad or two or downloading other games. Even so, this isn't a case of "free to play, pay to win" - it's quite possible to advance through the levels and enjoy yourself without purchasing a thing. Have fun, aquatic murderers... and watch out for those scuba tanks.

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