You may not know it (especially if you see how I eat most nights), but I rather enjoy cooking. The fact is, though, that most recipe apps on Android really suck. Like, really, really, really suck (I am looking at you with extreme disapproval, Epicurious).

So when I saw the BBC's Good Food app on the Play Store this afternoon, I was intrigued. Then, I tried it, and I have to say - I'm impressed. This app is well designed, runs smoothly, and is absolutely gorgeous. It's seriously good. If you cook, just download it right now and snatch up all the add-on recipe books. You get a level of detail typically reserved for dedicated cookbooks.

Screenshot_2012-10-01-14-01-34 Screenshot_2012-10-01-14-01-42 Screenshot_2012-10-01-14-02-27

One thing that does annoy me is the fact that app calls itself "Recipes" once it's installed on your device, which really doesn't make any sense. That's not its name. It's Good Food - Recipes. Call it that.

As far as features, you get separate "cookbooks" you can download. Normally, these are going to be 1.49GBP apiece, but to celebrate the launch of the app, the Beeb is offering all 7 add-on cookbooks for free. That's over ten quid in savings, in British-speak (more than $15, in American). You also get shopping cart functionality, a timer, unit converters, a meat cooking time calculator, and an ingredient-based recipe browser. Just pick an ingredient and you'll get a list of recipes that feature it.

Do yourself a favor and pick this app up, and snatch up those extra cookbooks while you can.

The app was not found in the store. :-(