Clothes are a necessary part of life. It doesn't matter who you are - you have to wear something. Where you choose to buy those clothes, however, is up to you. You can pay full retail at... wherever, or you can choose to be frugal and hit the closeout sites and stores.

When it comes to picking up quality clothes on the cheap, few do it as well as Sierra Trading Post. Just a quick browse through the site will show you that - most brands are upwards of 40% off retail. At the end of the day, that can save a lot of cash. And now, you can do it all from your Android phone or tablet.

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The new app gives you familiar shopping experience as the site, easy to use filters, exclusive deals, enhanced product descriptions, and customer reviews, all in a "clean, streamlined interface."

As an aside, STP is actually giving away a Nexus 7 right now if you enter before October 8th, so you should probably check that out, too.

The app is, of course, free in the Store. Hit the widget to give it a shot.

Price: Free