Looking to give users the "fastest, smartest launcher for Android," Jesse Andersen brought Conjure to the Play Store recently. The app, which is actually more of a launcher companion, can perform an incredible range of actions, from finding and launching apps to calling contacts, adjusting device settings (like volume, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.), and searching the web.

What's great about this app is not that it can do a lot, but that it actually adapts to your usage, storing a history of actions and listing content results by frequency of use. It can even recognize abbreviations for app names when searching.

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Those familiar with solutions like Launchy for Windows will feel right at home using Conjure. While Google Search can do things like finding apps and contacts, Conjure could be especially useful for those with phones whose "universal search" functionality has been nuked by patent complaints.

It's optimized for both phones and tablets, and is priced at a reasonable $1.99 in the Play Store. If you want to optimize your app-launching or setting-toggling experience, hit the widget below.

Conjure - Search your phone
Conjure - Search your phone