One of the most common questions users have regarding Google's various content offerings is "Why isn't it available in [insert any number of countries here]?" Google has been working to change that, offering more and more of the Play Store's non-app content abroad. In that spirit, today it announced that Google Play Movies is now available in Korea (where we saw Eric Schmidt having some Gangnam style fun earlier this week).

According to the announcement, Korea's Play Movies includes "hundreds of full-length feature films from some local Korean studios and Hollywood." The post goes on to invite users to start their movie enjoyment with The Avengers.

The addition of Play Movies to the Korean market comes shortly after Google brought Play Books to the country, providing access to thousands of Korean titles.

If you're in Korea and have been waiting for a chance to get your favorite films on Google Play, simply open up the Play Store. You can also check out the link below for the official announcement on Google+.

Source: Google+