Those of us with rooted devices and a penchant for flashing ROMs know just how valuable a great backup tool can be. Titanium backup is undoubtedly one of the most popular (and most useful) backup tools around, and it just got an update to version 5.6.0.

The update, which had been floating around as a "test version" prior to official release, brings a few UI enhancements and fixes, an updated set of translations, and improved "Market Doctor" and "Force Attach" functions to repair broken links between apps and the Play Store.

The real story here, though, is Titanium Backup's new ability to allow for the restoration of ADB backup files (which can be created without root) from TB when rooted.

This is pretty big considering Titanium Backup has traditionally been a root-only app, and will definitely come in handy for users wanting to back up information before taking the plunge into root world (or, for some users, unlocking the bootloader). Here's the full changelog:

What's in this version:

• [PRO] Can restore apps/data from ADB backup file. These backups can be made *without* root on Android 4.0+ with "adb backup" from a computer, and can be restored with TB once you have root. This helps on HTC devices that perform factory reset on bootloader unlock. Encrypted ADB backups are supported.
• [PRO] Improved "Market Doctor" and "Force attach" to properly repair some broken links that previously required "Destroy all Market links".
• UI improvements & fixes.
• Updated translations.

While this update lines up nicely with the timing of Google's 25 Billion download promotion, the developers confirmed via Twitter that the app will, unfortunately, not be part of the promotion.

If you're a rooted user, or a user who wants to root, Titanium Backup needs to be in your arsenal. If you haven't already, hit the widget below to grab its latest iteration.