By now, you've probably at least heard about The Big Android BBQ. It's big, because it's in Texas. It's about Android, because we probably wouldn't post about it otherwise. There's BBQ, because who doesn't love BBQ?


What you may not know about the BBQ is that this is its third year as a thing. Like most other events, it gets better with age, and this year should be the best one yet. Don't believe me? Psh. Check this out:

Honestly, I'm not even sure you need to watch the video. It may be summed up well enough in the thumbnail.

Ready to go? Good, because we have 100 tickets for 50% off. That means you can get in cheaper, or bump up the package and spend the same amount of money; for example:

The Froyo package includes the following: a BBQ swag pack and one ticket to the event which gives you access to all the sessions, as well as a ticket to the 'BBQ After Party' taking place on Sunday night with all you can eat BBQ and all you can drink beer!

Normally, this package is $50. Not a bad deal, but you, or lovely reader, can get it for $25. Similarly, the Gingerbread package:

Gingerbread package: Everything mentioned above PLUS -- one reserved Key Note seat. You don't have to arrive early or fight for the front row during the most anticipated keynote sessions of the event. PLUS -- Your own line for breezing through the registration line at the beginning of the event. PLUS -- You will get one bottle of Ray Walters' secret rub that he has used on the meat for the last two BBQ events.

The Gingerbread package has been going for $100. But you can get it for $50. Remember, though - we only have 100 tickets! After those are gone, it's back to full price. That means you should buy now.

Of course, Android Police will be there, represented by yours truly (finally, a perk for living in Texas!). That means I expect all 100 of you who take advantage of this deal to find me so we can hang out. I'm serious.

To grab your discounted ticket, use this link. If you'd rather cruise around the BBQ site for a while first, just use the coupon code APBBQ50 at checkout.

Now go on - get your ticket!