According to TmoNews, some T-Mobile HTC One S users are receiving an over-the-air update to their devices this morning, bringing a much-awaited bump to Android 4.0.4 and Sense 4.1.


This update should be basically the same as the one that hit the international One S, One X and AT&T One X, which allows the remapping of the recent apps button. This is a hugely important change, because if the recent apps button is remapped to behave as a menu button, the legacy virtual menu button (that is big and ugly and takes up a bunch of screen space) goes away entirely. Trust me, it's that annoying. At 151MB, the update roughly maps onto the size of the update for international One X, as well.

Just head to your phone's settings menu, the about screen, and check for the update to retrieve it.

Sense 4.1 should also bring some speed improvements, as well various bug fixes. Here's the official changelog from T-Mobile:


  • Android version 4.0.4 / Software version 2.35.531.7 710RD
  • Updated 9/26/2012



  • OTA update
  • Device is running Android version 4.0.3 / Software version 1.53.531.76 710RD or 1.84.531.2 710RD
  • Device software is not rooted
  • More than 50% battery life
  • Data connection
  • 140 MB available memory (File size of update is 140 MB)

TmoNews, T-Mobile