If downloading source code and picking through lines of code is something you enjoy doing, then today is a day of gifts: Samsung just released not one, but two different kernel source codes. I can almost feel your excitement.

First up, the GSIII. The international variant (i9300) was recently updated to Jelly Bean, and Samsung just made available the respective kernel source. So, if you've been waiting on that, it's ready for you.


Secondly, the LTE variant of the Galaxy Tab 10.1; this one's a bit quirky, though. Previously, Samsung has always released two versions: VZW and USCC. For the ICS code, though, there is only one: NA. We're pretty sure that means it will work on both devices, but considering the VZW Tab's ICS update only recently became available, there's a possibility it's just for that variant and they didn't mark it appropriately.

Either way, if you feel like picking through some code, you'll find the rest of your day at the links below.

Galaxy S III

Galaxy Tab 10.1