Following the initial rollout of Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) to Galaxy S III phones in Poland this morning, Samsung has announced that the update will be coming to 15 more devices in other markets "soon."

This latest software update will bring Google Now to a wide range of models and see the frame rate of the entire OS increased thanks to Project Butter.

The devices due to be updated to Jelly Bean are:

  • Galaxy Tab 2.7.0
  • Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
  • Galaxy Note 10.1
  • Galaxy S II
  • Galaxy Note
  • Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
  • Galaxy S Advance
  • Galaxy S II LTE
  • Galaxy Music
  • Galaxy Chat
  • Galaxy Ace 2
  • Galaxy Beam
  • Galaxy Ace Plus
  • Galaxy Mini II
  • Galaxy S Duos

Although a device called the Galaxy Music is listed here, we aren't entirely sure what it is just yet. It's possible that it could be a new device that's yet to be released, but it seems strange that Samsung would announce it like this, and it doesn't make sense to give a timeline for an update to a phone (presumably) that no one has seen yet. It's possible that it refers to the Galaxy Player, but we haven't been able to confirm this.

As with all software updates, Jelly Bean will arrive in different countries at different times, due to international carrier restrictions. However, it's clear that Samsung is trying to proceed as quickly as possible by listing all of these devices ahead of release, so hopefully they will arrive sooner rather than later.

Source: TechCrunch