Competing with the likes of Google TV and Boxee isn't an easy job, but Roku seems to be coping well, thanks to a low price point and a free mobile app that is frequently gaining new features.

The latest update to the Roku app, which is available from today, introduces a new feature called 'Play on Roku', that allows you to stream music and images from your phone straight to your TV. If you wanted to, you could even do both at once, playing a slideshow of images with a backing track of your choice.

When you stream music to your TV, Roku will display a screensaver with track information such as the track name, artist and cover art if it's available. The feature only supports MP3 and M4A files at the moment, so those of you with a lossless library or files in other formats will have to convert before you can use it.

If you want to stream images from your phone, you can choose to do so using the automatic slide show mode or individually, flicking through photos with a swiping gesture. Image streaming supports either PNG or JPG files.

If you want to check Roku for Android out, you can download it for free from the Play store. Users in the UK, Canada, and Ireland can also download the app now, as the latest update is available internationally.

Roku - Official Remote Control
Roku - Official Remote Control
Developer: Roku Inc.
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