While services like Spotify and Rdio may steal the spotlight most of the time, there are other streaming subscription services out there. Related: we need a better name than "streaming subscription services." Rhapsody, originally founded by Real Networks and since become an independent entity, has a pretty impressive library that users can now download for offline playback. An essential feature for a modern cloud music player. Update: To clarify, it's the ability to download songs on an individual or per-album basis that is new. Users were always able songs by adding them to a playlist first. This simply makes the process simpler.

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In addition, users can designate exactly where they would like their tracks to be stored. So, gone are the days of wondering whether your music is being kept on your SD card or internal storage. Questions about whether or not having multiple locations to place data causes user confusion aside, the fact is that many devices are in this situation whether consumers like it or not. So it's nice that Rhapsody is at least making it easier to deal with.

Rhapsody usually costs $9.99 per month for access, though right now you can get the first three months for $5. New users can sign up for the service on the site here, or through the app itself via the widget below.

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