We already know that the Big Four will be getting their own respective renditions of the Galaxy Note II. We also expect that it'll also be part of a unified release much like the Galaxy S III. We've even seen how Verizon defiled its home button. Turns out leaving its mark on the face of the device wasn't enough for Big Red, though; the carrier has also done some work to the bootloader.

They locked it, and there probably won't be any official method of unlocking.

Normally we don't post this type of rumor without confirmation from the development community, but at this point we have no reason to believe otherwise. That, and the source of the rumor is the same one that leaked the original Verizon Note II screenshot.

Honestly, given Verizon's "we lock everything as tight as possible" philosophy, this really shouldn't surprise anyone.

Still, we all had a little glimmer of hope that VZW would go easy one this one and not put it under lock and key. Thanks for quashing our hopes and dreams, Verizon.