Right after Motorola made the RAZR i official, the very first comment on our post was "Benchmarks ASAP!" because everyone wants to know how Intel's Medfield processor compares to the more common ARM-based chips that we're used to seeing. Engadget spent some time doing exactly that this morning, and the results are, well... less than impressive. Have a look:


The only area where the RAZR i outperforms its Snapdragon S4-touting cousin (the M) is in the SunSpider benchmark, which tests browser performance. Do these scores mean the RAZR i is a bad phone? Heck no. Benchmarks are fun for looking at raw horsepower, but the real test is once you get the device in your hands. Because what good is a 12k score in AnTuTu if you can't even open Chrome while installing app updates? None at all.

Thus, we'll hold off on passing judgment until we actually get to spend some hands-on time with Intel's newest superphone.