Hot on the heels of its Kindle Fire launch in the UK, Amazon has now made its Cloud Player available to British customers.

Like the U.S. Cloud Player, any purchases made on Amazon's MP3 store can be stored online free of charge. If users want to upload their music library to Cloud Player, they can store 250 tracks for free. Users with larger libraries can pay £21.99 per year for the premium service, which can store up to 250,000 tracks. Songs that have been uploaded can then be played back on any Android phone, tablet, Mac, or PC using Amazon's app or web interface.

Unfortunately, there's no word on when the Cloud Player will be introduced in other countries, but it's great to see Amazon extending the service to support products such as the Kindle Fire in international markets.

If you want to try out Cloud Player, there is a link on the Amazon UK home page explaining how to get started with the service.

Source: Amazon