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On September 6, Amazon announced three new Kindles: a 6" non-Android model called the Paperwhite (with or without 3G), the 7" Kindle Fire HD (16 and 32GB), and an 8.9" Kindle Fire HD (16 or 32GB), while updating the hardware and dropping the price of the original Fire to $160. Pre-orders for the new versions went live the same day, and release dates vary anywhere from September 14 to November 20.  The specs show Amazon's commitment to the ecosystem - and to not be undersold by Google:

As David found out, they certainly offer a compelling package at a very accessible price, especially thanks to the ecosystem Amazon has built up around the devices. That said, a lot of the enthusiasts who snatched up the original Fire just to root it and flash vanilla Android will probably count this one out now that the bootloaders are locked.

With all those facts in mind, will you be buying one of the new Kindles?

Will You Be Buying A New Kindle?

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