If you've ever cruised through r/AndroidThemes, then you've probably seen some pretty impressive homescreens floating around. Some are ultra-minimal. Others are highly functional while still retaining an appealing look. Then, there are those that just stand out from the crowd because of a well thought-out layout.

The Sci-Fi Interface Theme by Reddit user Futant55 is a shining example of the latter. It has the look of something very difficult to create, but is actually just a few widgets precisely placed to fit in perfectly with the custom wallpaper. Have a look:

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Left: Homescreen; Right: Lock screen

Fortunately, Futant55 provided all the necessary files to recreate this look for yourself. It's worth noting that Apex is the launcher used in the above screenshots, so if you use a different launcher it may not turn out exactly the same.

Update: Turns out this theme was heavily inspired by this piece over at DeviantArt. We like to give credit where credit is due, especially considering it looks like quite a bit of work went into the original piece.

For instructions and all necessary files, check out this thread on Reddit.