The older among you may remember back in the hallowed days of the Apple II The Bard's Tale was a neat text-based RPG that gained quite a following. Well, fast-forward 20-something years and The Bard's Tale arrived on iOS as a reimagined 3D action RPG. Now that same version of the game is destined for Android, and it's going to be a Tegra exclusive.

The original Bard's Tale was heavy on pithy humor, and its modern reincarnation follows that script. In the game, you will play the Bard, a wandering ne'er-do-well that's tired of the questing thing.  All he wants is to find some "coin and cleavage." Well, wouldn't you know it... the quests just keep popping up. With a big dose of deadpan comedy and solid voice acting, The bard's Tale is getting a lot of attention on iOS.

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The Bard's Tale is a mostly top-down RPG with lots of hack-and-slash fun, as well as plenty of cut scenes. There is a huge open world to explore with achievements, loot, and 50 different enemy types. Nvidia is claiming 20-30 hours of gameplay, and that probably means a really big download (it's 1.34GB on iOS). No word on pricing, but it's $4.99 on iOS and there will be some in-app purchases. The most specific Nvidia will get on the release date is Q3 2012, which means we should see this drop in the next month or so.