Have you ever found yourself annoyed that returning a leased vehicle to the dealer takes too long and requires too much paper? Well, if you're a car dealership, you actually might find this to be a real hassle. And it's a problem Nissan has decided to tackle in the US. Starting this month, Nissan and Infiniti dealers will use an app (for iOS or Android) to return a customer's leased vehicle to the dealership.

It works pretty simply - the camera takes a picture of the VIN barcode (vehicle identification number), and then sends that to Nissan's backend database to retrieve the lease information. A customer can then digitally sign on the app, and release the car to the dealership. The app can be used for the lease buyback process, as well.

There's not any revolution technology going on here, but it's just one more useful thing that an Android smartphone or tablet (... or iOS device) can do.