MX has always been a pretty impressive video player - it's chocked full of useful features and offers nearly every codec imaginable. Today, it received an update to v1.7 that brings a fair amount of performance improvements for various devices, as well as one really neat key feature: background playback.


  • Stabilized S/W decoder on Tegra 3 devices such as ASUS Transformer Prime, HTC One X, Nexus 7.
  • Added new hardware decoder named H/W+. (However, H/W+ decoder is available only on limited devices)
  • Added support for x86 CPU.
  • Added background play. (long presss play button)
  • Added supprot for custom FFmpeg build.
  • Added fast scrollbar on the video list screen.
  • Added fast seek option to improve seeking speed with h/w+ and s/w decoder.
  • Improved a/v sync with S/W decoder.

Background video playback is something that I've often wished for on Android - just because I need to reply  to a text or quickly check an email is no reason why my video shouldn't continue playing until I get back to it. This, along with the other enhancements, is welcome indeed.

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MX Player
MX Player