According to an internal document sent to us by a tipster, Sprint will be turning on the four-gee taps in two major US cities this week - Boston and Chicago. As we know, Sprint is in something of a panic-mode in regard to its 4G rollout, and has decided to begin bringing its network online in some locations before it's fully ready. As you can see in the document below, that is exactly what's happening here.


While Sprint isn't ready to call it "launch" time, it's telling employees that they should be informing customers that 4G coverage is being rolled out, and is accessible in "certain areas," but that the experience may not be "optimal." This basically lines up with a press release Sprint sent out earlier this week, which stated that LTE may be available in some regions before an official launch, and that customers are "free to use it" (read: don't complain if it sucks).

Interestingly, this document also seems to indicate Sprint plans to have its 4G build-out finished, at least in these areas, in the next six to eight months (maybe this is what Sprint meant by "the coming months" in its earlier announcement).

It's good to see Sprint is steadily moving along with its LTE rollout plans, and I'm sure there'll be some happy Sprint customers in the Boston and Chicago areas in the coming days.

Thanks, anon!