Two days ago, Chameleon received an update that brought one of the biggest features yet: the widget API. Not content with one big update this week, however, the Chameleon Team has just push a major performance-improving build to the Play Store, bringing the launcher up to v0.9.2.


The list of fixes and improvements is a good one this go around:

  • Major improvement to memory usage.
  • Much faster start-up, especially for devices running ICS or newer.
  • More stable, with several bug and crash fixes.
  • Improved adding/removing of Dashboards.
  • Improved Time/Date based conditions (Dashboard context).
  • Improved “Edit Conditions” View (now faster and uses less memory).
  • Drastically improved issues with Widgets appearing blank or being drawn twice.
  • Reduced size of .apk file.
  • Added a countdown timer graphic to Dashboard switching prompt.

If v0.9.0 was the biggest feature update to Chameleon thus far, v0.9.2 is undoubtedly the large performance-enhancing update yet. After messing around with this build for just a few minutes, I can definitely feel the difference - everything is sharper, more fluid, and just all around faster. If you're a Chameleon beta tester, you'll definitely want to install this as soon as possible.

The app was not found in the store. :-(