While it's become commonplace in more civilized parts of the internet for your data to just appear on whatever device you're using (I haven't had to manually move contacts since 2008, for example), sometimes things get left behind. If you've ever felt the sting of realizing that one important file is stranded on your desktop, TeamViewer is here with a healing balm for you: file transfer.

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TeamViewer for Remote Control just recently updated to allow users to transfer files both from your desktop to your mobile device, or vice versa. More importantly, the app doesn't require users to go through a full-fledged desktop interface to get to your files. Although, if you want that, this sale is still going on. There's not much else to this version bump (the requisite "Improved overall stability" makes an appearance), but we imagine this feature will save more than a few users a whole lot of hassle.

Thanks, Eduardo!

TeamViewer Remote Control
TeamViewer Remote Control
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