Odds are pretty good that you’ve hear this phrase from grizzled SNES-era gamers entering their thirties: “Games are too easy these days!” (Of course, younger gamers will use the same tone to complain about a lack of regenerating health and auto-saves.) If you long for the days of three lives and no continues… then even you might not be hardcore enough for One Single Life. This freshman game from developer FreshTone takes the “permanent death” idea to extremes by allowing you, well, one single life.

That isn’t just one life per level, by the way – it’s one life per game. As in, the entire platforming game. The concept is simple: tap once to start running, tap again to jump, and hope you make it to the opposite building. Install the game on your phone, die once, and all you can do afterwards is stare at the title screen. It’s an interesting idea as far as game theory goes, but if the early comments are any indication, One Single Life won’t be sticking around on many devices for too long. Of course, you could buy “unlimited lives” with an in-app purchase of $1.99, essentially a one-time charge for the full version of the game.

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Or you could go into the Apps menu and delete all the local data if you want to try again. And ruin the whole concept. Just like I did.

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One Single Life
One Single Life
Developer: FreshTone Games
Price: Free+