Earlier this evening, Nasdaq reported that Taiwanese manufacturer Acer decided to cancel a press conference scheduled for Thursday, which would have seen the announcement of Acer's CloudMobile A800.

The smartphone, which would have been unveiled in Shanghai, was set to run on Aliyun, a mobile OS developed by a Chinese Internet firm called Alibaba Group, the largest internet firm in China by transactions. Acer indicated that the press conference was canceled after Google, according to Nasdaq, "expressed concerns about the smartphone."

An anonymous official at Acer commented that "Acer will continue to communicate with Google and the company still wants to launch the new smartphone based on Alibaba software."

Alibaba chimed in on the news as well, with an unnamed representative stating that Acer was "notified by Google that if the product runs Aliyun OS, Google will terminate its Android-related cooperation and other technology licensing with our partner," adding "we regret Google's action."

It's pretty clear that this story has a very intricate grapevine in front of it – no one is sure if (or why) Google issued such a warning to Acer, and the search giant has thus far declined comment on the story.

As with all such tales, we may simply be seeing quotes out of context, or from misinformed sources. Further, it isn't clear what material impact Google "terminating Android-related cooperation" would have on Acer, or why Alibaba would be the entity dispensing such information.

Of course, we'll keep you updated on the story pending Google's response. In the meantime, check out the original story below.

Source: Nasdaq