Since the Chameleon beta first became available, the most requested feature has been for more widgets. The initial build only offered a handful of choices, and while they were all useful, they didn't showcase the launcher's usefulness. More recently, the team updated the application to offer even more widgets, adding a bit more value to the launcher.

Now, however, the launcher has received what I think is its biggest and most important update thus far: the launcher just hit version 0.9.0, which brings the first version of the widget API. Why is this a big deal, you ask? Because developers can now start working on their own widgets just for Chameleon! The team notes that the API is still in beta, but they'll be working to improve it in the coming weeks.

According to the Chameleon blog, to get started, you need only hit the "make a widget" widget and follow the instructions from there. For more information on the Widget API and to grab the template, head here.

The update isn't yet available in the Play Store at the time of writing this, but it should show up at any time.

The app was not found in the store. :-(