Looking to switch up your carrier situation? Today might be a good time to look into doing just that, as Amazon Wireless has put the AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon versions of the Galaxy S III 16GB (any color) on sale for just $99 with a new 2-year agreement (upgrades are not eligible).


But seriously, don't buy the red one. Please.

You can see the eligible phones here (the 32GB models shown are not part of the deal, unfortunately). You'll notice T-Mobile's Galaxy S III isn't included, but that's probably because Amazon doesn't sell it in the first place. Here's a full list of eligible models:

All things considered, this really is a great deal on what is probably the best Android smartphone (at least for most people) currently available. We know a Jelly Bean update is on the way, and with the device being the same across all carriers, it should arrive at roughly the same time on each of the "big four." You can check out our review of the Galaxy S III right here, too.