Total Commander, one of the most powerful file managers for Android, has now been updated to version 2.0 beta. Like previous TC betas, this one isn't yet available in the Play Store, but can be found on the official TC for Android forums. It's worth noting that this version will install on top of the Play Store version if you have that one, so you're not stuck with two different versions on your device.

This update brings a host of new features, making this already-impressive app even better:

What's new?

  • Audio/Video-Player, can stream from Internet and from (updated) plugins
  • Drag&Drop in file lists (by holding down finger on file icon)
  • Scroll thumb also in the editor
  • Write to restricted external SD cards
  • Set owner and group for a file or multiple files
  • Root mode: Ask for permissions when copying, deleting, and saving file in the editor
  • Custom date/time format
  • Improved stability of background operations (file functions)
  • Prevent operations from pausing when screen is turned off

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TC's new video player and EQ.

With the addition of these new features, Total Commander brings more of a desktop-like experience to Android devices, alongside the existing powerful file manipulation, root support, no ads, and a completely free price-tag.

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If you're a TC fan and want to give the beta a shot, head to the source link below to grab the download.

[Total Commander Forums]