Renaissance Blood THD, a game exclusive to the Tegra 3 platform that we covered at launch back in May, is now on sale in the Play Store for the extremely reasonable price of $0.99.

The sale (which slashes the game's price down from $3.99) is in celebration of RB's latest update, which adds a third stage of gameplay to the existing two.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Renaissance Blood THD is a rail shooter set in the Renaissance just after Leonardo Da Vinci's death, with your goal being to find and assemble a scattered blue print left behind by Da Vinci himself, all while killing off enemies sent your way by Bart, a crazed Renaissance priest who shares your goal to get a hold of Da Vinci's plans.

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The game's got impressive graphics, carefully crafted environments, as many period-inspired weapons as you could want, and a dynamic, action-packed gameplay experience.

If a Renaissance-era FPS with Da Vinci, magic, and a few undead mercenaries sounds like something you'd be interested in, click through below to take advantage of the deal before it ends September 13th.

Thanks, PINJ!

Renaissance Blood THD
Renaissance Blood THD
Developer: BRIDEA Smart
Price: $3.99