Quora, the popular question-and-answer website, found its way to Android today, releasing an official app that not only brings to the table great features like voice search and a handy widget, but also a user interface specifically designed for Android "from the ground up." Indeed, the app follows Android's design guidelines to the proverbial "T," right down to the app's launcher icon with its ever so slight downward perspective.

Citing the fact that 25% of its traffic comes from mobile usage, Quora's blog post today enthusiastically announces the Android client, describing a few of the features that "really make Quora shine on Android." Among them are integrated search with voice recognition, optional push notifications, a convenient home screen widget, and an adaptable interface that supports both landscape and portrait mode. Users can also share Quora entries with friends on "any social service you use."

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It's worth noting that – for now – Quora only includes English-language content. Users are also expected (as with Quora's online service) to sign up using their real names "to promote transparency and authenticity." If you find yourself wishing for a way to find answers to pretty much any question you could possibly have throughout the day, Quora is definitely worth checking out. Hit the widget below and start asking.

Source: Quora Blog