We're getting closer and closer to Gameloft's newest release title, Wild Blood. We've seen teasers and trailers for the game leading up to this point. Finally, though, we've gotten something resembling a release date and you're in it. Wild Blood will land on the Play Store "in September," so you can expect it anytime between the end of the month and right now!

...Okay, maybe not right now. But soon!

The trailer shows us more gameplay and a bit of the plot. It seems Sir Lancelot is making an appearance in a story that doesn't sound enough like Diablo III to warrant any accusations, but definitely has a similar feel. Also, "my Excalibur sword" makes an appearance, presumably being held by King Arthur, back when he still fought things.

We'll let you know as soon as the game lands. So, after seeing all the trailers, are you excited?

Source: YouTube