CyanogenMod's recent improvements to CM10's messaging app – Quick Message pop-ups and "Quick Reply" functionality in the notification shade – are now available for download in apk form.

If you missed our initial coverage of CM10's latest enhancements to the messaging app (thanks to David von Tonder), here's the short version: the default messaging app in recent CM10 builds includes a feature called Quick Message that, upon receipt of a new SMS message, triggers a handy popup notification that allows users to quickly type up a reply, swipe to other new messages, view the message in the messaging app, or simply dismiss the notification. The app also offers actionable notifications, meaning users can call the contact who sent the SMS (like always), or send a Quick Reply right from the notification tray.

Screenshot_2012-09-04-14-37-06 QuickMessage Screenshot_2012-09-02-11-11-03

Of course, since the downloadable .apk file relies on Jelly Bean functionality, it will only work on Jelly Bean-based ROMs. To get it up and running, users need only download the file and install it as a system app. The easy way to do this is to move the file (using your favorite root-friendly file explorer) to the system/app folder and change the app's permissions to 644 (or rw-r-r) then install. To get the download, just hit the link below.

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Download: MultiUpload

Via XDA Forums, Reddit