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Rumor has it that Motorola will release a phone without a bezel by the end of the year, and we kinda-sorta buy it. The trend has certainly been moving that direction and bezels are becoming increasingly narrow, but we've never had a phone that truly had an edge-to-edge screen with no bezel at all. It simply hasn't been technologically feasible to eliminate it altogether for mass-produced devices.

The advantages would be obvious: first, you could pack a significantly larger screen into the same size package, and second, it would look super sleek. Of course, they would need a little bit of bezel at the top for the speaker, though that would only require a few millimeters. Assuming that's the case, hypothetically speaking, would you give up a front-facing camera in exchange for virtually no bezel?

Would You Give Up A Front-Facing Camera To Have A Bezel-Less Phone?

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