So you're a graphic designer who's constantly inspired by the colors around you. That's fine and dandy, but just try putting "that sort of yellow-orange I saw on the aspen leaves in Durango last Saturday" into Dreamweaver and see what happens. Well, chromatically frustrated artists, we have a solution for you. SwatchMatic takes a look at the colors streaming into your Android smartphone's camera, and creates live, continually shifting dynamic color palettes from the relevant scene. Tap on the screen and you get your palette, output in HSV, RGB, and WEB values. It's a neat little color tool, and best of all, it's free.

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When aiming SwatchMatic at a scene you can choose between analog, complementary and triad colors, though with six different values presented at any given time, any designer worth his or her salt ought to be able to make due. You can also adjust the vibrancy and contrast of the recorded colors. Endearingly, each unique swatch is assigned a randomly generated robot with a name for the collection. A few of the names I've gotten so far have been "When Sahara Met Torea Bay," "Androids Dream in Corn Harvest," and "Cioccolato Digs Teal Blue." If you get something cool in yours, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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[Via Addictive Tips]

Developer: AppBaan
Price: Free