Autodesk, the company behind AutoCAD and hugely impressive Android apps like Design Review, Buzzsaw, and Sketchbook, brought another awesome app to the table recently with ForceEffect Motion.

Improving on the original ForceEffect for Android, ForceEffect Motion offers the same quick, smooth freehand sketching, construction, and constraining capabilities but with the added ability to simulate motion, allowing users to create complete mechanical system designs on mobile devices, using tools like Autodesk 360 to then share and collaborate for a continued workflow that doesn't have to miss a beat.

Autodesk's ForceEffect Motion is also incredibly versatile. Users can create functional mechanical joints from welded to pinned, sliding, collar, and crossing, mechanical supports, utilize animation and functional drag, create working actuators (motors and linear), and save and load files from the Autodesk Cloud. What's more, ForceEffect Motion provides in-app tutorials for just about everything, making it extremely friendly to new users.

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If you're a fan of ForceEffect, or just want a completely amazing tool for creating functional mechanical designs, ForceEffect Motion is definitely worth checking out. Did I mention that it's free in the Play Store? Hit the widget below to grab the download.

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