A court in Tokyo returned a favorable ruling for Samsung Friday, finding that Samsung's mobile devices were not in violation of an Apple patent related to inter-device media transfer.

This news comes one week after Samsung lost in what was (and continues to be) one of the most compelling trials tech has seen in a long time, with a San Jose jury ruling that Sammy owed Apple over $1 billion in damages over various trade dress and patent claims levied by Apple. By contrast, the jury awarded no damages to Samsung, finding that Apple didn't violate any of Samsung's patents and that all of Apple's patents retained validity.

Apple's suit against Samsung in Japan called for 100 million Yen (that's about $1,273,400 USD) over the allegedly infringed-upon patent, but the case – presided over by Judge Shoji – was dismissed today, with Shoji ruling that, for the patent in question, Samsung's and Apple's respective methods of execution were different enough to dismiss the claim.

Full details surrounding the case and each party's respective responses are not yet available. Of course we'll keep you updated with any relevant details, but in the meantime, check out the translated Nikkei.com article linked below.

Source: Nikkei.com via Reuters