You may recognize this little guy from previous leaks of the so-called HTC Proto. The device looked very similar to the Desire V and, indeed, HTC's latest announcement is dubbed the Desire X. While it's no One X, the device does pack a dual-core Snapdragon S4. Unfortunately, it's not that one. This is the MSM8225 which still uses a 45nm architecture so it's not nearly as zippy as the S4 we all know and love from other, more high-end phones. That's sitting underneath a 4" SLCD display with a resolution of 800x480 which, while certainly not bad, isn't setting any bars for picture clarity.

proto1 proto2 proto3

proto4 proto5 proto6

The device is billed as "affordable" though, as usual, we don't have any information yet on what affordable means. The Desire X also includes a 5-megapixel rear shooter that HTC bills as "state of the art". We'll have to see when we get our hands on it. As we've learned from phones like the Galaxy Nexus, megapixels aren't everything, and a 5MP shooter can manage to pull off some great shots if the sensor is right.

proto7 proto8 proto9

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This phone is going to include 4GB of onboard storage which certainly isn't much, though it's in keeping with budget smartphone territory. Thankfully a microSD card slot is also included, should you feel the need to expand. Also, HTC is offering a 25GB Dropbox deal to help offload some of the burden of local storage.

At a cursory glance, the Desire X seems to be a pretty good budget smartphone that doesn't skimp too much on quality just to save a buck. That being said, we'll have to see just how many bucks (or, rather, Euros, Yen, etc. as the case may be) it actually saves. Very little carrier information is available yet, although HTC has said they plan to make this available in EMEA and Asia Pacific by September 2012. Virgin Media in the UK, at the very least, has stepped up to state it will be carrying the device.

Virgin Media has today confirmed that it will be ranging the new HTC Desire X following it's unveiling at IFA 2012. The handset will be available on Virgin Media's new range of tariffs which includes it's market-leading 'Premiere' tariff offering unlimited data, texts and 2500 minutes on a 24 month contract. Virgin Media customers will benefit from inclusive insurance and free calls to other Virgin Mobiles plus £5 off their monthly bill.

Full pricing details and availability will be announced in the coming weeks.

As soon as we know more, you will.

Source: HTC