PayPal's official Android app received a big update recently, bringing it up to version The update carries a much-needed interface redesign, bringing the web payment solution's mobile client more into line with Android's design language. Using a warm, espresso-and-orange color scheme with a few well-placed textures and conservative gradients, the app's new interface looks infinitely better than its previous iteration.

The update isn't just about looks though – it also carries some functional improvements. While PayPal is a bit vague on just what is new, it assures users that the update brings them "the features that matter to you most," including new functionality surrounding account management as well as sending and requesting money.

PayPal's "Local" functionality, which works with PayPal Here, also received special attention, allowing users to pay at local businesses with more ease than ever, using an impressively unique check-in system whereby users that check in show up on the business owner's mobile device, which is then ready to accept payment instantly. The interface for this feature is exceedingly simple, and actually somewhat fun to use.

The app also shows present and available balances, which is great for those frequently accepting and disseminating funds.

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Overall, PayPal's latest update is refreshing, functional, and definitely worth exploring. If you haven't already, just hit the widget below to grab the download.