Google's not pulling any punches this time around with its ads for its newest Nexus device. When it's not physically invading one of the most visited sites on the internet, the Nexus 7 can be found in some adorable videos that play to every one of your sappiest emotions. Take this newest ad, featuring a five-ish-year-old girl reading Curious George, and planning her trip to the moon. (No one tell her just yet, okay?)

The video follows its predecessor entitled Camping in the marketing style of "Look at this! Isn't this adorable?!" It also demonstrates one of the primary features of the Nexus 7: it's tossability. Would you let your five-year-old take a $500+ tablet into her blanket fort, or run around with it while dressed like an astronaut? Probably not. And maybe you wouldn't even want to let her do so with a $200 tablet. But if the goal is to pitch an inexpensive, portable slate for the whole family, there's really no better—or cuter—way to do so than with a budding NASA Space X engineer.

Seriously, though, kid. You're making a mess with those bubbles.

Source: YouTube