I'm not sure why in God's name a thief would want to steal apples from a helpless old lady, but that's exactly what's going on in Mediocre's new game Granny Smith. Not one to let the bad guy win, though, the old bat throws on her skates and goes after the madman. Those are some pretty important apples.

As made clear from the gameplay trailer, this is a physics based racer and appears to use a similar control method to Mediocre's other game, Puddle. Featuring 36 levels in three different settings, Granny Smith brings some interesting three-dimensional visuals, good use of physics, and simple two-button controls to both tablets and smartphones.

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The game will set you back a solitary dollar, and you can grab it below.

Granny Smith
Granny Smith
Developer: Mediocre
Price: $1.99